3 Ways to Dramatically Boost Your Gym's Revenue

Sep 06 , 2018

Eat Sleep Flip

3 Ways to Dramatically Boost Your Gym's Revenue


People – Systems – Values




Running a gym, your coaches are your frontline. They are the ones dealing directly with your clients.  The experiences your clients get from your coaches are going to be what sells your business and what builds it.   Ensure that your coaches understand what is being expected of them.

As a business owner, it’s your job to invest in your coaches. Their development as people and as coaches is essential to your growing your business. You need to keep your coaches engaged, so they in turn keep your athletes engaged.

Invest in coaches training / personal development. Make sure that your coaches have the skills they need to be successful. Coaches training, whether in-house or off site will keep your coaches focused on the messages you want.

Empower your coaches to provide new ideas!  They are the ones working in your business, and have the best insight of what needs to be done on the ground. Listen to them and they will feel invested and help you grow.


Big gyms get to their size not only by gaining new clients but by KEEPING the people they have in their gyms. Young kids grow up. If you’re teaching them the skills they need along the way, they will help grow your program by being the Seniors you can depend on down the road.


If you provide a high quality of service, your customers will want to recommend you to their friends. Empower them to do so, and give them tools and incentives to be able to promote the business.

Things like commissions or tuition discount for every referral can incentives your current customers to bring in new ones. Be sure to provide promotional material for them to take home and share with their friends and family.




Consistency is Key! Ensuring everyone in your organization knows what they should be doing and how it’s expected to be done.

At Sharp, we look  at your business and see where you can implement standard operating procedures (SOPs). Formalize with your coaches what progressions and techniques to use when teaching new skills. This will build familiarity in practice structure so changing coaches is seamless and consistency is being maintained as athletes move through your program.


Value Scrabble


Your Gym has hundreds of members that all spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per season on athletic wear, additional training programs, uniforms, etc. Starting your own pro-shop can be tedious, and is rarely successful outside of big-box gyms, and even then it can be extremely hard to pull off (after all, being a gym owner AND a retailer can be a hard task). Affiliate programs such as the one we offer here at Eat.Sleep.Flip. can earn your gym thousands of dollars in additional revenue on a monthly basis if done right, without the hassle of designing products, figuring out shipping logistics or holding large inventory.

Affiliate programs can be as simple as sharing your custom affiliate code on social media, email lists or events, or as extensive as holding special events to promote products. When it comes to affiliate programs you get out what you put in! 

The Eat.Sleep.Flip program offers gym owners the ability to earn 10-15% of anything sold on our site using their custom affiliate code. This is a great supplemental income that can be used to purchase new equipment, pay a key employee's salary, or stash into saving's for competition season!

To learn more, send us an email at shopeatsleepflip@gmail.com


You don’t have to be big to be successful – Remember – You define the terms of your success.  With a bigger business, comes more commitment and effort. That’s not for everyone. Staying small may provide you with more control and flexibility. And may be more your style.

Whatever your size is, the core principles remain the same.  People are the hands in your business. Systems are the brains. Your values are the Heart. You can’t run your business without any of them.